ISB Gymnasium / Multi-Purpose Hall

The ISB Gymnasium is available By Reservation Only for recreational activities and private events. Please view the gym schedule below to look for potential times to make a reservation.

There are No Open Gym hours, and the gymnasium closes at 10:00 PM, barring rare circumstances or requests. To ask for an exception, please fill out the gym reservation form below and email [email protected] with the completed form.

Gym Availability is conditional based upon other programs/activities/reservations already made for said date. Further information can be found by emailing the ISB Office with your gym reservation request. You can find the reservation forms listed below. Please fill them out and email them to [email protected]

Private Event Reservation

If you are looking to use the ISB hall for a private event please fill out the attached form and we will reach out to you with confirmation and availability. 

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Schedule your Hall Reservation online!

Athletics Reservation

To rent the hall for a private sporting event please fill out the attached form and we will review the application and reach out to you.

Gym Reservation Form

Gymnasium Management Policy

  • We reserve the right to check all bags
  •  Not liable for any lost or stolen belongings
  • Attire must conform to Islamic etiquette
  • Breaking of any rules is grounds for removal from premises. 
  • Anyone dismissed 3 times will not be allowed to return until situation is reviewed by ISB Council

Dress Code

  •  No hard shoes/Must wear sneakers at all times
  •  Must wear shirt and proper Islamic attire at all time                    
  •  Bring two sets of clothing (one to play, one to pray) 
  • Shorts and/or sleeveless shirts

Rules of Conduct

  • No smoking and/or chewing gum
  • No glass and/or sharp objects                                                                                                                                                                                  
  •  No bicycle and/or roller blades
  • No profanity and/or foul language
  • No cursing and/or fighting
  • No argument and/or swearing/ drugs and/or alcohol
  • No hanging, tugging, pulling and/or swinging on the basketball rims
  • No playing during prayer times
  • Must stop playing 10 minutes before Salat (prayer)
  • Must adhere to assigned time slot