Century’s old monarchy, colonialism and the oppressive rule of their own people have brought about moral and spiritual degeneration of Muslims throughout the world. To release them from this degeneration, it’s about time the Muslim Community restructures its educational priorities along Islamic lines, fulfilling the existing needs as well. By virtue of such an educational program, the future generations will become the torch-bearers of Islamic values and play an effective role in the present world. The challenges of modern times call for rebuilding the structure of our educational program on such a foundation as to fulfill our spiritual as well as temporary obligations. Today we need an education system which can produce, Muslim philosopher, Muslim scientist, Muslim economist, Muslim jurist, Muslim statesman, in brief, Muslim experts in all fields of knowledge who would reconstruct the social order in accordance with the tenets of Islam.

Al-Rahmah Quran Academy (AQA)’s mission is to fulfill the wide array of requirements of the community, by providing Tahfizul Quran program, along with degree/certificate/ijazah courses in Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Tajweed and other sciences, etc. AQA also conducts a Community learning program which provides courses in different areas of need for the commmunity.

Our mission is to advance the actualization of Quranic and Prophetic guidance by establishing a model system that upholds the sacredness of Islamic Knowledge and ethics.

Director/Resident Scholar,
Al-Rahmah Quran Academy